Here are some other gaming sites and Tumblogs you might be interested in. I'm sure this page will be getting regular updates as I remember sites that should be on here.

An excellent (and huge) site filled with articles on all manner of videogames and gaming-related topics. If you want to read about obscure games, this is the pace to do it. Some cool dude even wrote an article about Monster Maulers.

Join Dr. Sparkle as he battles through the gargantuan task of playing every NES / Famicom / FDS game in chronological order. Full of fascinating facts and dry humour, it's a joy to watch.

A blog for all your Mega Man news needs, and the best place to see just how thoroughly Capcom are shafting Mega Man at any given time.

The title says it all, really.

Fascinatingly bizarre videogame moments.

Wiki dedicated to cataloguing the vast amount of unused content that lurks in many games' code, from removed characters to unused music.

Voidburger makes good Let's Plays of Silent Hill games.

Lots of info on lots of consoles.

Bootleg videogames are an endless source of curiosity and hilarity.

A new site by a cool guy filled with funny videogaming things. You should check it out!

A fascinating blog about Nintendo's pre-NES history as a toy manufacturer.

A comedy web series featuring various retro gaming challenges that's shaping up to be really great!

Title Scream
Retro gaming title screens, often animated and displayed with class!

Videogame covers re-imagined in a variety of new and interesting ways.

Reviews, custom sprites and assorted coolness, especially as relating to beating 'em up.

Quality writing about a variety of gaming topics, particularly cuteness and the golden age of instruction manuals.

Ray picks a game, goes in blind and usually saves us all much pain and heartache (and sometimes uncovers a hidden gem.)

CHKilroy plays games with war in on that there YouTube.

Intelligent writing on a variety of gaming topics.

Blogs on Tumblr
bison2winquote - Beat-em-up win-quote archive.
repisanintendo - Retro Nintendo games.
radiant-silvergal - Mostly Sega Saturn and Dreamcast related.
miki800 - Miscellaneous retro videogames.
kingoffighters - King of Fighters series, shockingly enough.
ohvideogames - Awful cover art.
nesvictory - NES pixel art and gifs.
streammonster - Fighting games.
teamsilent - Silent Hill.
gameandgraphics - Videogame art design.
vectropia - Miscellanous gaming and animated gifs.
notablegamebox - weird and terrible cover art.
magnetbeam - Miscellanous gaming stuff.
uwagoto - Mixed gaming with a retro slant.
segamastersystem - Take a guess.
wickedgaming - mostly top-notch animated gifs
obscurevideogames - self-explanatory!
restinpeaches - pixel artwork
griphus - miscellaneous!

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